Alyssa has had a passion for public speaking since winning her grade school speech competition talking about Martin Luther King Jr's role in the civil rights movement. Alyssa was valedictorian of her graduating class and went on to present medical research at various conferences across Toronto.

Today, Alyssa uses her platform to talk about the challenges of starting a business, combating the cultural shame surrounding menstruation and various other topics meant to empower and inspire.

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Previous Engagements


entrepreneur roundtable with prime minister trudeau (2018)

Alyssa was invited as one of ten female entrepreneurs to take part in a roundtable discussion with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at this years Women in the World Conference. The entrepreneurs had the opportunity to share the wins and losses they’ve experienced during their time in business.


Bay Street Bull 30 Under 30 2018

In 'The Takeaway' Bay Street Bull asked today's most inspiring leaders for their advice on how to build a business, work smarter and better. Alyssa Bertram, founder of Easy Period (a subscription service for organic-cotton tampons) discusses the importance of creating a dialogue around uncomfortable topics and leading with your mission.

Flawless by Friday Werk It panel (2018)

Bonnie Brooks led this incredible conversation with Danielle Gulic co-founder of Loversland, Pauleanna Reid forbes contributor and author and Alyssa. They discussed the transition toward action on your business idea and the ups and downs that come with them at the beautiful Yorkdale Concept Space.


The Globe and mail centre (2018)

Alyssa spoke on a panel with two fellow female founders about marketing authentically to a predominantly female audience and the intersection of marketing and technology.


Shopify Pursuing your passion workshop (2018)

Alyssa hosted an intimate workshop with Shopify staff at their Toronto office. She led them on a journey through honing in on what matters to them, recognizing their fears around achieving their desires and releasing them. She closed with a guided medititation. 


Happy on Mondays (2018)

Alyssa spoke to 100 guests at the first Happy on Mondays event. An 8am breakfast and speaker series in Toronto that gathers likeminded people. Alyssa told the story of starting easy. and gave advice about leaning into your passions. Other speakers included Amanda Di Pasquale, Founder of the blog BeTheNextHer and Avery Francis Talent, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant.

Toronto Design Exchange International Women's Day Talk (2018)

Alyssa presents the concept behind easy. for a group of 300 in International Women's Day at The Toronto Design Exchange. The talk takes its format from the dynamic PechaKucha style, where slides are shown for 20 seconds each for a total of six minutes and 40 seconds per presenter.


Menstruations Moment (2018)

Alyssa spoke to a packed house alongside the most prestigious names in menstrual equity including
Sabrina Rubli, Founder and Executive Director, Femme International, Madeleine Shaw, Co-Founder, Lunapads, Suzanne Siemens, Co-Founder and CEO, Lunapads, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, Author, Periods Gone Public


Vice/Virtue Wellness Talk (2018)

Alyssa was invited to to Vice Media in Toronto alongside Steven Artemiw, founder of Parkdale Roadrunners and Bond Running and Laura Sniderman of Muse to explore the concept of wellness from the perspective from different brands and companies that intersect with that space. 

Ryerson Alumni Talk (2017)

Alyssa spoke to the Ryerson University Student Life office about life after Ryerson and gave advice to future graduates.

#WomanTalk (2017)

Alyssa had the pleasure of assisting Adriana Nicolucci with her graduate thesis project for the Media Production program at Ryerson University. Speaking about her conceptions of gender identity, what identifying as a woman means, feminism and more.

A WOMANS WORTH 3 -10.jpg

A woman's Worth: Body Image (2017)

Alyssa, along with the founders of the Body Confidence Canada Awards Jill Andrew and Aisha Fairclough led 40 women through a journey of letting go of beliefs about their bodies that no longer served them. There were tears and there was laughter and we all left feeling more free.

Shopify Shopclass Panel (2017)

Alyssa along with two other local entrepreneurs from Toronto took part in a panel discussion for 200 guests talking about the ups and downs of launching a business. 

'how she leads' empowerment series (2017)

Alyssa discusses how she went from being unhappy at her day job to starting her own successful company within a year with Kristen Berkley for Kristen Unscripted.

Conversations with Coco (2017)

Alyssa talks with Catriona Smart of Coco & Cowe about easy. 


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Ryerson University Last Lecture Event (2017)

Alyssa was one of four alumni asked to address the graduating class at Ryerson. Speaking to an audience of about 100 she addressed issues affecting students on their road from Ryerson and offered advice to help with their transition.

A Woman's Worth: Spring Abundance (2017)

Alyssa led her 40 guests in a discussion about money, abundance and thriving. Her main take away was that what you allow to flow from you will flow to you.

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Smoke & Ash Women Talk Speaker Series (2017)

Alyssa spoke to a group of 30 guests about the value of your internal life in an outward facing time. 

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Colette Grand Cafe International Women’s Day (2017)

Alyssa was one of four panelists for a crowd of 150 women on International Women's Day at Colette Grand Cafe. She told the story of launching her business and gave her best advice for up and coming entrepreneurs. More photos.

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A Woman's Worth (2016)

Alyssa planned and hosted her first A Woman's Worth event. A dinner party for 40 guests where she spoke on the power of finding your worth within rather than seeking for it outwardly.

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Curated Life One Year Anniversary (2016)

Alyssa sat on a panel at Ryerson University alongside 3 other female entrepreneurs. With an audience of over 100 guests, Alyssa helped promote an honest discussion about the fear that often accompanies a career change and how to overcome it.

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Curated Life Masterclass (2016)

Alyssa spoke at Artscape Yongeplace to a group of 30 guests about her start-up story, it's challenges and victories.

Alyssa came up with her business idea after wishing her tampons would magically appear and never run out. “An idea isn’t a business plan…,” Alyssa said, “you have to put your ideas to work…And you have to be honest with yourself about who you are, what you are passionate about and what you are going to do with that.”

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Easy. Launch Event (2016)

Alyssa shared with her 200 guests at Eastroom how a family health scare gave her the push to pursue her passion and create a platform that empowers other women. "The time is now!"

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