Letting it blossom

“when something isn’t given you right when you want it, it’s because you’re not ready. it’s the mercy of the universe. this generation doesn’t have any sense of blossoming.” - Marianne Williamson

We all do it, we see what we want and we want it now. Whether it’s a job, a certain stature, a move, a relationship, a piece of clothing. We think we’re fairly clear about what it is we want and what we know for sure is that we want it right-fucking-now.

To some extent knowing what you want is critically important. It allows you to prioritize, say no to things that don’t lead there and allocate your time in a way that will get you to where you want to be. BUT something our generation is particularly ill skilled at is giving things time to develop. We know all of the cliches, “good things take time,” “nothing worth having comes easy.” It just feels a lot easier said than done.

What if the time between wanting something and getting it is critically important? What if during this time you actually become the person you need to be to accept that coveted thing once it arrives? There’s a certain discomfort in that place between wanting and having. Often our initial reaction is to resist it. We panic, we act, we numb out. But maybe that particular discomfort is actually necessary to create the depth of character we will need when we get where we’re going. So here’s to the space in between, and letting it blossom.