On Letting Go

This coming from someone who came out of the womb worrying. Since I can remember, my tactic for ensuring things went smoothly was to consider every possible thing that could go wrong. It gave me some sense of control to know I had already considered every possible negative scenario. It made me feel ahead of the game. In many ways I do think that this awareness of all possibilities has served me, making me hyper vigilant. We all develop tendencies based on our early experience. For me my home life was chaotic at times and my response was to try to control all outcomes through my thoughts.

I’m beginning to learn that there is a really delicate balance to be achieved here. On the one hand planning and anticipating is tremendously important. On the other, I believe you create a certain type of friction when you try to over control a situation. I am beginning to learn there is something to be said for letting go.

Something amazing happens when you account for all of those things that are in your control, through diligent planning, and then take a breathe, sit back and let life happen. The letting go is a crucially important step. By letting go, by surrendering outcomes once you’ve done all that’s in your control, you create space. 

Have you ever ever wished, hoped, tried to control and manipulate a situation to no end then had it play out beautifully the second you let it go? This has been my experience many times. What about that person you were so into, but the more you tried to manipulate the situation the farther away they seemed to get? I bet as soon as you took a breathe and let go, that text came through. There’s power in letting go. People can feel your frantic desperation and your attempts to manipulate a situation. That energy is not attractive at all. By giving your all to something then “letting go” you allow the natural flow of things to occur. You’re then in a beautiful state to receive things. 

I’m all for achievement and ambition and a go get it attitude. At some point however, anything you chase runs. There’s something to be said for letting go and letting all that you deserve come to you.