Cleansing your beliefs


We usually know intuitively when we need to cleanse. It often involves too much partying, processed food, procrastinating or too little alone time, healthy food, days at the gym. Our culture seems to be fairly good at toxifying then pulling back and green juicing till we feel human again. What’s less seldom promoted (probably since it’s free) is consciously cleansing our beliefs.

I heard a story about an elephant that was bound by a tiny chain. If he had just taken a step he could have broken free from the chain but it had held him since he was small and he had never rethought his ability to break it.

How telling is that? Without stopping to truly consider it, we might not realize all of the past beliefs that are holding us back today. These beliefs could be about our body, our character, our work ethic, our appearance, our sex appeal, anything really. In my experience, most of these beliefs aren’t even mine to begin with. The majority of them are hurtful comments that have been said to me that for some reason have stuck. I can look back through my memory and easily pick out ten instances where someone has said something that hurt me - these words are blazed into my memory. It’s funny, it would likely take me longer to remember all of the beautiful things people have said to me.

I took an inventory of all these words and vowed to myself to let them go. Why would I let words that hurt my spirit inform how I feel about myself today? It’s very powerful to consciously acknowledge these words that we are holding onto by actually writing them down and rethinking them. We have the choice to remove the power from these words and choose new beliefs about ourselves, our lives and what’s possible for us.

Detox your thinking. Let go of all those beliefs that don’t align with who you are today. Don’t allow words from other wounded people to become your deeply held beliefs, choose again.