Just for tonight

There's work left to be done- I know, I know. I feel it too. But just for tonight, can you relish in how far you've come?

Close your eyes and take a minute. Remember who you were, take note of all you've learned, all you've let go of, all of the meaningful connections you've made. You've overcome so much. Take time to acknowledge how resilient you are. Take pride in the many choices you've made for you. In all you've let go of, in all you've obtained. 

Tomorrow, the work continues. But just for tonight, love yourself, indulge yourself for everything you've become. In your minds eye see all those who have supported you in your journey, send them thanks and feel good. Our progress is not something to be undermined. Yes, we have made great strides toward where we're going. We're clearer on what we don't want. This is important and deserves recognition.

If we only ever focus on what's next, we never reach contentment.

Run a bath, dim the lights, tonight is for you.