Love Letter to My Younger Self

Dear sweet girl,

I am writing to you from down the line. Today you are 26. You are thriving, but there are some things I want you to know. First of all I want to tell you I love you. Deeply. It took me some time to truly get to this place but it made all the difference. What really helped was looking in the mirror, telling you that I love and accept you exactly as you are. That face in the mirror will follow you wherever you go, be kind to her. How you speak to her will create a blueprint for how everyone in your life will speak to you, choose wisely.

You will spend much of your teen years in angst. You will fall in love with a boy who doesn’t love himself and has no chance of giving you the love you so deeply yearn for. This will become a pattern for you. Being the child of a young single mother you will learn to worry and take care of those around you. This will be something that spills into your romantic relationships. You will learn the hard way that you can’t take care of someone who does not care about themselves. Your darkest relationship will teach you what you deserve and what you are willing to put up with. You will learn that the person who needs your care most is you.

You will become someone who takes risks. You will be misunderstood. You will have to let go of relationships that you begin to outgrow, it’s okay. You will develop a group of people around you who inspire you beyond your wildest dreams. Your most vital connection will be the one you maintain with yourself. You will learn that your internal state is the basis for everything else in your life.

Keep growing, keep learning. Remember to make time for those things that truly bring you joy. High school is a confusing time. Remember that everything that’s different about you makes you special. Every difficult thing you experience will create within you greater depth and a greater capacity to help others. Your mom will get better. Things will be okay. Go see Prince live. Trust your gut. And finally, relax.

Love always,

The 26 year old you

Alyssa Bertram

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