What 2016 Taught Me

Travelling alone is essential. 

Get to know who you are when surrounded by strangers. What do you like to eat, do, see when you are alone? A new place is experienced in such a raw way when you are alone. Each street name, the state of the weather, all there is to see is deeper somehow when there isn’t someone else you know to act as a buffer. Out of necessity, you become more open to holding eye contact with perfect strangers, smiling at them when they almost miss their subway stop. Your experience of a place is so pure when you are alone.

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For when you fall off the wagon (because you will)

There will come a time in your art, your work, or more generally in your life where you will look up and realize things need to change. You'll know you've hit this point by the general discomfort you feel, the nagging sense that something isn't right. Many of us have a sense, for some even a vivid picture of where we're headed. We know how the story ends. The tough part can be playing the course in the way that leads there.

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