Bridging the Gap

I haven’t sat down and written in months and for me that is a clear sign I’m far from myself. Usually it means my energy has been sucked in a direction, intentionally or unknowingly that isn’t serving me. Writing about oneself can feel narcissistic or self absorbed. I can write it off in my head as unnecessary and trivial, but that’s a lie. For me writing about my life helps me understand my life. I’m prone to reminiscing. There’s something about looking back that helps me face forward. I get deeply lost- or so I think- from time to time. For me that usually looks like striving too hard until I inevitably burn out and take to my bed to recoup. It looks like darkness and confusion, questioning and sadness. During those times the future seems bleak and terrifying. Somehow though, usually from the other side, I recognize these dark and painful periods as points of growth and often of letting go. It is anything but easy to try to bridge the gap from the girl I was to the woman I’m becoming, and so, I write.

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Just for tonight

There's work left to be done- I know, I know. I feel it too. But just for tonight, can you relish in how far you've come?

Close your eyes and take a minute. Remember who you were, take note of all you've learned, all you've let go of, all of the meaningful connections you've made. You've overcome so much. Take time to acknowledge how resilient you are. Take pride in the many choices you've made for you. In all you've let go of, in all you've obtained. 

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