Rejection as fuel

Nobody wants to talk about rejection. Our poor egos, even the word itself feels gross.

When we don’t get what we thought we wanted, we all know the feeling. Disappointment, I really thought this was it, it felt so right, I could see it all play out. For whatever reason, it just wasn’t in the cards. Have you ever noticed the fuel that this creates within you?

All of a sudden you’re your most productive. All of the energy that was going into desiring that one thing or trying to change reality is all of a sudden freed up. So you move full steam ahead toward those things that fuel you, what other choice do you have?

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Just for tonight

There's work left to be done- I know, I know. I feel it too. But just for tonight, can you relish in how far you've come?

Close your eyes and take a minute. Remember who you were, take note of all you've learned, all you've let go of, all of the meaningful connections you've made. You've overcome so much. Take time to acknowledge how resilient you are. Take pride in the many choices you've made for you. In all you've let go of, in all you've obtained. 

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For when you fall off the wagon (because you will)

There will come a time in your art, your work, or more generally in your life where you will look up and realize things need to change. You'll know you've hit this point by the general discomfort you feel, the nagging sense that something isn't right. Many of us have a sense, for some even a vivid picture of where we're headed. We know how the story ends. The tough part can be playing the course in the way that leads there.

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